Short Safety Instructions for Team Crews:

- For any information or need during the parade, communicate with the team leaders who wear armbands.
- On the day of the parade, make sure to have a good breakfast.
- Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, as alcohol consumption combined with physical fatigue causes dehydration.
- Consult weather forecasts and make sure you are appropriately dressed.
- The use of glass bottles is prohibited. If found, they will be removed from the parade.
- Do not use foam spray. Besides being prohibited, they are also very dangerous.
- After the end of the parade, please do not return against the flow of the parade.


- The materials of the floats are highly flammable.
- The costumes of the carnival participants are usually made of synthetic fabric or nylon and are highly flammable.
- Excessive alcohol consumption causes reduced thinking and judgment ability, as well as a decrease in the level of consciousness.


European Emergency Number: 112

Fire Brigade: 199

Hellenic Police: 100

Coast Guard: 108

Ambulance: 166

Poisoning Center: 210 7793777

Volunteer Samaritans Corps: 6972 266887, 6934 863473

In case of emergency Volunteer Rescuers from the Samaritans Corps will be along the parade route
and at various spots in the city throughout its duration.

The 3rd High School of Rethymno (Kountourioti 1 - across the Four Martyrs square )
will serve as a First Aid Center.


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