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Since 1914 beautiful Renaissance Rethymnon has been celebrating the carnival with its many humoristic events. A carnival of another era leaving behind its nostalgic aroma of romantic balls and the Rethymnians through laughter and their comical antics paying their tribute to "His Excellence, The King of the Carnival."

The Treasure Hunt, an old custom dating back to when the Carnival of Rethymno began about a century ago, was the reason for the creation of 'teams' in 1990, which would give birth once again to this age-old tradition.

In 1993, the Municipality of Rethymnon decided to help fund this popular event and requested the teams to take on the challenging task of creating and organising the Carnival of Rethymnon, which has become the most popular and famous Carnival of Crete!

The Organizing Committee of the Carnival welcomes you:

Pepi Birliraki, Popi Diniakou-Kriovrisanaki, Elena Patsachaki, Kostas Moschakis, Manos Palafoytis, Giorgos Hasikos, Katerina Manetaki & Nikos Markantonis.

ORGANIZATION: MUNICIPALITY OF RETHYMNO - Κ.Ε.ΔΗ.Ρ. (Κοινωφελής Επιχείρηση Δήμου Ρεθύμνης) (Public Company of Rethymno)

Responsible for Sectors 2018:

Antoni Alexakis, Christos Alexakis, Irini Andreadaki, Stamatis Gavalas, Diamantoula Delimbasi, Thodoris Kelarakis, Petros Klapsinos, Popi Kriovrisanaki, Amalia Mathioydaki, Katerina Manetaki, Nikos Mixalas, Kostas Moschakis, Manos Palafoutis, Giorgos Papadosifos, Elena Patsachaki, Giorgos Pediavitakis, Akis Plaitis, Stelios Sampson, Giannis Skarvelis, Michalis Starakis, Giorgos Stauroulakis, Stefania Fragkiadaki & Valantis Hompis.

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Schedule of Events Rethymno Carnival 2018

Τhe 2018 Rethymno's Carnival schedule of events...


  • Saturday 27th January 2018 Opening Ceremony of Rethymno Carnival 2018

    17:00 Guora Gate. Children’s party with music and various acts.
    18:00 Promenade of the King of Carnival in the streets of the Old Town which ends at Agnostou Stratioti Square.
    19:00 Zumba dance by the dance team of the Cultural Club of Atsipopoulo of Katerina Kirjanitaki.
    19:30 Agnostou Stratioti Square. Traditional meeting of the King of Carnival with the Mayor.
    20:00 The Mayor of Rethymno, Mr Yiorgis Marinakis, will anounce the official opening of Rethymno’s Carnival. Presentation of the theme, the official poster and the crews’ costumes of 2018. Music and dance acts will be performed by many dance schools of our city.
    21:00 Live Concert with LOCOMONDO!

  • Sunday 28th January 2018 3rd Teenages’ Treasure Hunt

    “The Initiation” organized by Galates

  • Friday 2nd February until Sunday 4th February 2018 29th Treasure Hunt 2018

    “Eminent Stories” organized by Galates
    Friday 2nd February 2018 at Megaro Hall: Party for the Teams of the 29th Treasure Hunt

  • Tuesday 6th February 2018 Greek Serenades of another era

    19.00 From the square of Agnostou Stratioti.The Municipal Choir of Rethymnon, the European Choir of the Music Schooland the musicians of the city, along with the Teams of Rethymno Carnival, will revive the custom of Greek Serenades in the streets of the Old Town. Ending: Guora Gate

  • Τsiknopempti 8th February 2018 After 19.00 we meet Carnival Teams at their parties’ stands around the town.
  • Friday 9th February 2018 The Dance of the Rethymno Carnival 2018

    Feast of Rethymno's Carnival Teams 20:00 At Pelagos Hall
    Theme: “Eurovision”
    Food, drinks, dance, fun and satirical theater performances by Rethymno's Carnival Teams
    Οrganized by Rethymno's Carnival Teams

  • Saturday 10th February and Sunday 11th February 2018 21st Children's Treasure Hunt 2018

    “Code: Marmita” organized by Galates

  • Sunday 11th February until Thursday 15th February 2018 City Festival at Mikrasiaton Square

    Local ( Cretan) music and artistic groups (of Crete) present their work every day.
    Rethymno’s Carnival supports the artistic expression of young people.


  • Thursday 15th February 2018 Bike ride around town for kids and adults

    19:00 Agnostou Stratioti Square-->
    All the bicycle lovers dressed in carnival costumes, fill the streets of the Old Town with fun and joy in the craziest and most colourful bike ride of the year.

  • Friday 16th February 2018 Cretan traditional Serenades

    19.00 From the square of Agnostou Stratioti. The children of the Music School of Rethymno, the musicians of the city and the Teams of Rethymno Carnival will revive the custom of Cretan Serenades in a Traditional folk music event around the town.
    The promenade ends at Micrasiaton sq. with a concert of Cretan music.

  • Saturday 17th February 2018 Childrens’ Parade

    16:30 The children will gather at Theotokopoulou Str. junction
    17:00 Beginning of the childrens’ parade, accompanied by adults

    See all the Childrens Parade events below...

  • Saturday 17th February 2018 Night Parade

    21:00 Beginning of the Night Parade at Theotokopoulou Str. junction
    22:30 Ending and live concert at Mikrasiaton Square

    See all the Night Parade events below...

  • Sunday 18th February 2018 Grand Parade of teams and floats

    14:00 Beginning of the Grand Parade at Theotokopoulou Str. junction

    See all the Grand Parade events below...

  • Sunday 18/02/2018 18:30 2018 Rethimnon Carnival End of Ceremony at the beach (El. Venizelos)

    Burning the King of the Carnival, a spectacular show with fireworks
    Live Concert with APURIMAC
    Street party of the Asia Minor Street from OLOI VITSIOZOI (after the end of the parade)

  • Ash Monday 19th February 2018 Municipality of Rethymno :
Μεγάλη Παρέλαση

Child Parade

Saterday 17 February 2018

16:30 Child Parade. Start point at junction Theotokopouloi

17:00 Launch of a children's parade with the supervision of the big ones from Theotokopoulou junction and finishing in the adjoining area of the 3rd Gymnasium with a large children's party!

18:30 The children's musical "XANA ZOO 10 Years Together!" In a freaking party full of singing and dancing. Together with them all the children's favorite heroes.

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Μεγάλη Παρέλαση

Night Parade

21:00 Starting a night parade from Theotokopoulou junction

22:30 Termination and live concert at the Square of Asia Minor.

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Μεγάλη Παρέλαση πληρωμάτων και αρμάτων

Grand Parade

Sunday 17 February 2017

Great Crew and Crew Parade

14:00 Launch of a Great Parade by Theotokopoulos Node

Presented by Yiannis Spaliaras and Chrysa Kyratzi

Music is played by Dj Petros Klepsinos and Dj Iro Fyganaki

15:00 Termination and Dj party on Hr Square. Polytechniou (Sochora)

Music is played by DJ Nikos Goniotis

18:30 2018 Rethimnon Carnival End of Ceremony at the beach (El. Venizelos)

Burning the King of the Carnival, a spectacular show with fireworks

Live Concert with APURIMAC

Street party of the Asia Minor Street from OLOI VITSIOZOI (after the end of the parade)

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Ash Monday

Monday February 18th, 2018


Perivolia12:30 Traditional Koulouma with bean soup at the 8th Elementary School of Perivolia. Organization: Municipality of Rethymno - KEDI.P. & Cultural Association of Perivolia - Mystery "Emmanuel Pachlas".

ARMENI11:00 Revival of custom smudge with traditional coat..

Fotini12:00 Traditional cup, bean and kite flying. Organization: Cultural Association of Fotini.


MELDONI 12:00 Avulomasmos with traditional colama.

FOTEINOY 11:00 Traditional koulouma, bean soup and kite-flying. Organizer: Cultural Association Of Foteinou.


MERONAS12:30 Traditional events, games, music, with the participation of all. "Dress up bridal gowns and decorate the bourgeois, see the lawns and the mistletoe and the mouzoudia the mess."

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