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Rethymno in the rhythm of its renowned Carnival

Rethymno in the rhythm of its renowned Carnival


Rethymno in the rhythm of its renowned Carnival gave the signal for the feasts to start in Crete, so as in "Dancing in space and time", the theme of the 2019 Carnival of Rethymno!
Tonis Sfinos, a talented Greek multi-performer, gave a concert in downtown Rethymno, near the seaside at Agnostos Stratiotis Square. Earlier, The King of the Carnival, followed by Carnivalists took a tour in the picturesque old town.
The children also had their feast, with their "Carnavalaki", as the carnival of Rethymno involves all people, in all ages!
A great show was held at the 2019 Rethymno Carnival's grand premiere, giving the signal of "Dancing in space and time"
The Mayor of Rethymno, Giorgis Marinakis, let the feasts begin, in the full of joyful people, Agnostos Stratiotis Square.
Everyone enjoyed the dance shows from professional and amateur dancers on stage, in a vast variety of dancing genres.
The theme of this year's Rethymno Carnival, unveiled in a gigantic poster: A dancing couple, forming an hourglass, was Stelios Kalogerakis, graphic designer, inspiration. Pepi Birliraki, Head of the Tourism and Culture committee of Rethymno, explained the ideas behind the theme, letting people travel in time and space via the 2019 Carnival of Rethymno. 
As for the King of the Carnival, this year, he was the one to receive... complaints. Her Majesty, the Queen of the Old Rethymno Carnival, gave him a... lecture, but in the end they reconciled.
All the people danced in a crazy Rethymnian rhythm as Tonis Sfinos performed full of joy and fun energy in hours!
Even the children had had a special time earlier, by participating at the... "Carnavalaki", while the King of the Carnival, roamed the old renaissance town of Rethymno,followed by hundreds of carnivalists who had a great time altogether!
Municipality of Rethymno
Office of Tourism and Culture

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